Huther Doyle
Since its inception, Huther Doyle has maintained a focus on helping individuals and families who are suffering from the devastating consequences of substance abuse and addiction. In addition to outpatient counseling, we provide medication-assisted treatment that helps address alcohol and prescription drug dependence. As community needs have evolved, we have responded by expanding our focus to include Huther Health, a full-service primary care office and health home care management. In this dynamic healthcare environment, we are ever-evolving in order to provide the best care to those seeking to improve their health and wellness.

It is our hope that you will find helpful information on this website. If you would like any additional information, please feel free to contact me and I will do my best to answer your questions and/or provide you with the information that you are seeking.

Kelly Reed

President & CEO
Huther Doyle

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Addiction Recovery Changes Lives
Do you, or does someone you know, need help to overcome a life-burdening addiction to illicit drugs, alcohol, tobacco or other chemical substances? If so, Huther Doyle can help effectively navigate and travel the journey through addiction recovery. We work with individuals from all walks of life, and those who support them, to become healthier, contributing citizens and to conquer their personal addictions.

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We can help.
Huther Doyle provides culturally appropriate, high-quality addiction recovery and physical health services to help individuals make positive changes in their lives.
A safer, healthier community
through reduced incidence of addiction.
  We value the dignity and integrity of the individual.
  We value diversity and family.
  We value healthy, contributing citizens.
  We value the health, well-being and perseverance it takes for
    people with the greatest need to restore their lives.

  We value client-centered, best practice treatment.